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Does it taste different?

Yes! This is the most common question we receive. Bean-to-bar chocolate is made in very small batches by hand using very few ingredients - generally just sugar and cacao beans. The reason the bars taste so wonderful is that, like coffee or wine, there are several important steps between the bean and the final product including roasting time, coaching time and choice of inclusions if any.

What about nutritional information?

Chocolate has no water in it so it doesn't spoil. We do not use soy and all beans and other inclusions are non-GMO and organic where available. For detailed information if you have nutritional concerns, please contact us directly. 

Do you ship?

We do ship at an extra cost. Depending the number of bars, time of year and distance, we may have to include cold packs which can be reused later. We can quote shipping at the time of your order. 

Do different origins taste different?

Absolutely. Like wine, the soils, climates and factors like fermentation processes and drying will affect the taste dramatically. We often go through months of testing before deciding on a bean to buy in any volume for our production. 


Do you have standard products?

We have some commonly available bars and products but because supply changes over time, we may elect to change farms or sourcing to bring you the best chocolate we can make.