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Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate

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If you read the story about our Milk Chocolate, you'll know that we went to great lengths to develop a very balanced milk chocolate that paid tribute to the Ugandan bean and adding the perfect blend of milk. This chocolate also has a story and is based on our Milk Chocolate.

The Heritage

We are located in San Antonio, Texas and our local culture like all across this nation has some signature flavor profiles. One of these is the blend of chocolate, cinnamon and cayenne (along with other spices) that permeates the memory of chocolate cakes, drinks and treats made by grandmothers across South Texas. It is these memories that we wanted to honor.

The Experience

This bar makes people smile. We like to watch when we sample the chocolate because of a specific characteristic we designed into the bar. The first step in the tasting experience is the taste of rich 55% chocolate. Next, the aromatic cinnamon makes itself known mid-pallet and just when you think you are done, there is a touch of cayenne at the back of your throat. It is just enough to bring a smile to your face and leaves almost as quickly as it arrived leaving you ready for the next bite. Don't be surprised if you finish the entire bar after promising yourself that you'll have just one square. Best consumed with friends.

Bars contain cacao, milk powder, cocoa butter, cinnamon and cayenne.

A Special Treat

It won't surprise you to find out that this bar makes amazing hot chocolate drinks. We have two suggestions depending on your taste.

  • Hot Chocolate - combine 2-3 squares (6 per bar) with 6oz of hot water or milk to get a rich drink that will bring back all your childhood memories.
  • Drinking Chocolate - Our favorite decadent drink. Combine 2-3 squares in 3oz of whole milk for an amazing treat before bedtime or when there is a chill in the air. Trust me, this one can get out of hand and should be shared.